Get paid to shop for the stuff you already buy!

Get paid to shop for the stuff you already buy~

Get Paid to Shop!

Don't you wish that when you go grocery shopping you could get some money back from your purchases? Is there even such a thing???


You can buy just about anything that is available on the app. That's right! I'm not kidding you. I've been using this app for almost one year. I've cashed out twice so far. I just received a $20 gift card from Amazon just for renewing my prime membership through this app.


You know what's so great about this app? When you do your first rebate within 30 days of downloading, THEY GIVE YOU $10 automatically just for using it for your first time! That's right, no joke! The only catch to get that is that you MUST use my link or use my code (fhpnfxt) to get it! That's it! The Cash out Minimum amount is only $20. It's really easy to do!

This company gives you rebates on lots of household items, even beers, wines n spirits! Yes! You read that correctly! Even Restaurants! There are a lot of stores that gives the rebates. Even convenience stores!


Wouldn't you want some extra spending money? I know I do!

Click the link below to get you to your deals! Don't procrastinate! Do it now! You won't regret it! Just remember if you don't use my link, you won't get your $10 upon your first rebate and you must must must do your first rebate within 30 days of downloading the app!

If you need to input my code, it's fhpnfxt

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